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Introducing our first personal and athletic development program. A year in the making, Black Iron Gym and Krissy Mae Cagney present: WONDER WOMAN. A 10 week program to ensure you come out better than you went in, both physically and mentally, turning you into your own Wonder Woman.

This program was carefully designed by four Wonder Woman (KMC, Chuckie, No Pants, and Des) who are dedicated to helping you not only improve your physique through purposeful and intense training, but we will teach you a realistic and flexible approach to nutrition AND encourage you to be a good person along the way. Beyond training and nutrition, we are going to incorporate daily tasks and mindfulness exercises in order to improve your mind and not just your body.


The four women who wrote this program have competed across the following sports: weightlifting, powerlifting, CrossFit, Strongman, gymnastics, and bodybuilding. This program is a reflection of all six of these sports as you will come across movements and methodology from each of them. Essentially, we included all the things we really love about various forms of fitness and then we compiled them all into fun, effective workouts to maximize your strength, functionality, and of course, your aesthetics to give you a “look good, feel good” program. We wanted to deliver the functionality and prowess that comes with weightlifting and gymnastics, the strength that comes with powerlifting and strongman, the  and the look that comes with bodybuilding, thus making this the ultimate hybrid program. Which in turn makes it the ultimate athletic development program, as you WILL be learning new skills and broadening your training horizon and movement arsenal. 

Coaches Chuckie and No Pants filmed an exercise skill library for you to help you with movements that might be unfamiliar. We made a YouTube library just for this program to help you. Beyond that, the coaches will be active in the Facebook group to check form/technique and help with movement or equipment modifications! You will be group coached along the way. If you have reservations about any movements, we will offer substitutions and make the program doable for you. 


The four women who wrote this also love food! That being said, you should never feel like you are on a diet through this program, as this is not a dramatic weight loss program. No foods are off limits, as we will teach you that there are no “good” or “bad” foods, only good and bad portions. There will be no extreme dieting on this program. The entire goal is to improve your relationship with food AND to be eating as much as possible whilst still seeing the results you are after, whether you want five more pounds or muscle or ten less pounds of fat… or both! Thus we take you through the appropriate steps to create a nutrition plan worth sticking to.

There will be many nutritional discussions on this in the Facebook group to help you along the way. And I will also be doing "macro checks" in the Facebook group to make sure you are not going down the wrong path for your body and goals.


Beyond what you normally see in an e-book style training program (just training and nutrition), I personally condensed over a year's work of personal development I did on myself into this 10 week program. I consolidated weeks worth of my personal progress into activities that could be done in one day. These activities and tasks have a broad range; some you will be excited about, others will terrify you. I can't stress it enough how important it is that you don't skimp on this part as this is what truly sets this program apart (aside from the fact that a bunch of badasses wrote it). Do you have to do it? Nope. You can just do the kick ass programming and call it. But given that this program is one of it's kind, I think you should at least do some of the mental homework... just what you feel comfortable with.

If you do commit...

Get ready to post daily in the Facebook group about your mental homework. This is by no means mandatory, BUT we will be paying attention to who makes themselves open and vulnerable as this is how growth happens. We suspect the best transformations will be those who demonstrate humbleness, vulnerability, transparency, and self awareness in the Facebook group by sharing their experience with the mental side of this as well as the physical.

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